Saturday, February 19, 2011

Top five iPad apps for productivity and everyday use.

1) Pages- Pages you can create documents and you can really design just like any word processer on your computer. You can use templates such as newsletters, reports, brochures, and flyers.

2) Note taker hd is a great app. You get to write notes fast and you are able to write small with two different edit features u can zoom or use a separate text box. It cost $4.99 it is worth the money because no matter who you are u have to write a note or something. It is also good for kids they can draw pictures with different colors.

3) Go docs- Is a great application. You need a Google account and you use Google docs. And you can write documents and open them on your ipad. From there you can open it in another app like Pages. It is an overall good way to access all your documents anywhere. It cost $4.99.

4) Awesome note is a great application for planning. It is like an agenda book you can sync with Google docs and evernote. You have many different categories and you can set up to do list. It is overall one of my favorites.

5) Evernote- Evernotes lets you take notes in audio, text, and photos. Evernote syncs your documents automatically with your Mac, PC and Web. No matter where you are your notes are accessible and if you pay for the upgrade ($45 per year) you can sync your files too. Its not my favorite app but you may like it more than me. So check it out. It is free.

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