Saturday, February 26, 2011

Google Gulp

Google is the worlds leading search engine after the phenomenon called the Google wave. Many newer sites such as facebook and bing pose as a serious threat. Now as an attempt to gain back users that transferred to newer sites they are jumping into the physical world and introducing a line of drinks with a cap that will have codes that you can use to improve your Google functionality as well as a beverage that rivals Gatorade with flavors like beta carroty and gigabyte grape. Do you think Google gulp will be successful with their newest product?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

steve jobs

The boss of apple, Steve Jobs, was suppose to meet the president Obama on Friday after losing a substantial amount of weight he realized he was sicker than he thought. Shocking new pictures of the 55-year-old were published in the supermarket tabloid The National Enquirer. Since then, Apple employees have claimed that he can still be seen in California and is also calling all the shots from his household. The pictures suggest things are worse than Apple believed. The pictures show Steve looking painfully frail and weak, with his jean and dark top hanging loosely on his 6ft 2inches, rail thin body.

The Enquirer claims that the man behind apple has pancreatic cancer and may have just six weeks to live. Job’s weight is said to have dropped from a pre-cancer 79kg to 59kg now, according to the National Enquirer. His thinning hair is a sign of the effects of the advanced chemotherapy usually used to treat the disease. Let’s hope he can pull through.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Top five iPad apps for productivity and everyday use.

1) Pages- Pages you can create documents and you can really design just like any word processer on your computer. You can use templates such as newsletters, reports, brochures, and flyers.

2) Note taker hd is a great app. You get to write notes fast and you are able to write small with two different edit features u can zoom or use a separate text box. It cost $4.99 it is worth the money because no matter who you are u have to write a note or something. It is also good for kids they can draw pictures with different colors.

3) Go docs- Is a great application. You need a Google account and you use Google docs. And you can write documents and open them on your ipad. From there you can open it in another app like Pages. It is an overall good way to access all your documents anywhere. It cost $4.99.

4) Awesome note is a great application for planning. It is like an agenda book you can sync with Google docs and evernote. You have many different categories and you can set up to do list. It is overall one of my favorites.

5) Evernote- Evernotes lets you take notes in audio, text, and photos. Evernote syncs your documents automatically with your Mac, PC and Web. No matter where you are your notes are accessible and if you pay for the upgrade ($45 per year) you can sync your files too. Its not my favorite app but you may like it more than me. So check it out. It is free.

apple-cons and pros

The iPhone 4 was out for sale for months ago. It has just received the best mobile device award. The iPhone 4 has many features such as face time, two cameras, retina display, multitasking, hd video recording, and 5 mega pixel camera.

Face time lets you video chat with another face time user. It can become very useful for conferences, but it isn't all good because you have to have wifi in order to use it.

Once the iPhone 4 came out there was an obvious problem with it right away. The problem was the service. ATT&T constantly dropped calls and was not clear. The fixed this problem by letting Verizon also have the iPhone. The IPhone has competition with phones like the windows phone and other smart phones like blackberry and android.

The one thing I disagree about apple is they made the iPod touch 1st generation came without a speaker. It was obvious that it should have had a speaker. Then the second generation they didn’t have a camera. It is like they do this on purpose so you buy another one. They did the same with the ipad. I don't understand why they did not add a camera on the first ipad. I don’t get why they don’t just make one test it and make changes.

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